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Hi all,

It was great to re-connect with you all at Year Level today in our new space in the Science department. There was a lot to praise: You’ve made an excellent start to the year and the feedback we’ve been receiving about you has been positive across the board.

In specific: Your attendance is excellent. Your conduct and attitude is exemplary. Your maturity in your engagement and level of communication with us has been outstanding.


  • The hostel team asked us to remind you of the following boundaries for your visits there:

Monday – Thursday : after school until 5.30pm only
Friday after school until curfew
Saturday until curfew
Sunday not at all.

  • Kahu Youth are very keen to get your input into the focus of their future direction. They have an online survey which you can fill out here: Here’s the link:
  • Career Presentations; please sign up to attend any of the following information sessions. You are welcome to bring your lunch. Other sessions are posted on the MAC careers website.
  • Otago Polytechnic on Friday 8th March at 1:15 pm in Room 23 Here’s the form
  • Victoria University Friday 8th March in Room 23 at 1:15 pm Here’s the form
  • GAP YEAR information; Thursday (yes tomorrow) at Lunchtime in Room 23 with Nancy from Banff Canada. Check out this option of ‘Living the dream’ here.
  • Babysitting Job in Albert Town Here are the details
  • MONEY- HUB is my new best friend. When you’re feeling like doing some job exploration or scholarship searching this could be your go-to website. Have a play – I guarantee you will all find at least one useful tip.
  • Youth Forum; Aotearoa Youth Declaration 2019 is a four-day conference run in April each year at the University of Auckland for high school-aged rangatahi (youth aged 13-18) from around Aotearoa who want to make a difference. Read more here

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