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We’re very pleased to note that the list of students who have Home Study over the next fortnight has lengthened considerably.


Today’s Year Level meeting was characterised by the theme of communication. There have been some wonderful examples of this from Year 13s in the last fortnight; one of which was Kate’s initiative to communicate Year 13’s concerns about the lack of consultation around the loss of their common room space to the senior leadership of the school. She formulated a letter, consulted with the year level and hand delivered the letter to Mr Sheppard. He has agreed to listen to solutions. Others are communicating directly with us on matters of individual interest – and some of these will result in policy changes that will benefit the entire school. We salute every one of you who speaks up, using constructive channels, for what you believe is right.


  • Students with special assessment conditions; please contact Mrs Bosley as soon as possible if you have not already done so. Please email [email protected]
  • Canterbury University on Thursday 21st @ 1:20 pm in Room 23
  • Trades Talk: a no-nonsense look at the pro’s and con’s of becoming a Tradie: Wednesday 27th @ 1:20 pm in the Library
  • Gateway Workplace First Aid course Thursday 28th March at LWC
  • Otago University Presentation 27th March at year level meeting
  • Otago Tertiary Open Day; this has been very popular this year. We’ll send information out during the next week to those who have signed up. Once the deadline for payment has been reached, if there are spaces, we will extend the opportunity to those who are on the Waitlist. You can view this list via the MAC Careers website
  • Queenstown Resort College visit to MAC Thursday 29th March for Tourism and Hospitality

Thanks everyone and have a great week Charlotte and Chris


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