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It was brilliant to see you all back this week for the start of Term 2.

The highlight of today’s meeting was being able to hand out the “Get Out of Jail Free” cards to so many of you. To be eligible for one of these, you had to have a perfect attendance record for Term 1, with zero unjustified absences. Just to put this into perspective, only one person in last year’s Year 13 cohort had maintained such an outstanding attendance record in May last year.

As we said today, while it must have become obvious to you by now that this kind of data and metric is a bit of an obsession of ours, this is for good reasons. There is very sound educational research that demonstrates that simply turning up to school has a significant and sustained positive impact on a number of areas of a student’s life.

The List


If we missed you off this list for some reason, please contact us and we’ll rectify this immediately. If you missed out this time around – fear not. The fortnightly system will still operate as it did last term: a perfect attendance for two weeks unlocks home study for the following two weeks. You can then clock up perfect attendance scores for Term 2, earning yourself a Get Out of Jail Free card for Term 3 – when you’ll need it most!

Don’t go it alone

This term is always a challenging one in the life of a Year 13 student. The NCEA assessments will come thick and fast (especially in the last two weeks), the snow hasn’t yet fallen, there can sometimes be an inversion layer of cloud that keeps the sun from shining for up to a month and the cold and dark can just make everything a bit more difficult. If things start getting on top of you – don’t bear it alone. Come and speak to us.

Put it on a plan

Developing a plan will also help a lot in this process. Put all your commitments and deadlines in one place and develop an overview. Plan in your social time too – and rest – and recreation. Share your plan with someone who cares and keep updating it as things change. This simple process can work wonders.


Righto – until next week!

Chris and Charlotte


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