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Today we heard a pitch from ex-student Lincoln Haworth who is running for the local council. One of our greatest hopes in our work with you is to see you head out into the world and make a positive impact. It fills us with pride to consider that our own ex-students will end up in positions in society where you contribute to the greater good.

We reflected on the practice examinations that have just been completed. These will make an excellent foundation for the preparation phase leading into the final exams next term. You’ll receive an NCEA progress report at the end of the term – but before then, we urge you all to have a look at your credits to date and make sure you’re still in a secure position to achieve UE. Regardless of what your next step is, we consider this qualification as the benchmark for the completion of your school career. If you think you’re in a marginal place for the qualifications you need, let us know!

And on the subject of communication – another party who we encourage you to keep in the loop is your family. You’re now juggling plans for 2020, applications for trades, apprenticeships, scholarships, tertiary study and accommodation and your workload for school – most of these processes place you at the centre: but your family are still as interested as ever in everything that goes on in your life. Take the time to keep them in the loop. Tell them where you’re applying. Tell them how you made the decision. Reassure them when you meet a deadline. Explain University Entrance to them (especially explain that it’s not just for university!) and show them how your course will support your gaining that qualification this year. And, possibly most important of all, bring them close if things aren’t going well. If your practice exams fell apart. If you’re behind on internals. If you’re worried about not making it across the line – tell them! Make a rescue plan together.

Students in the Community Final Feedback

Remember that in order to get the recognition that you so richly deserve for the countless hours of volunteer work you have done this year, you must complete the Students in the Community Final Feedback form before 5:00pm on Friday 27th of September.

Careers Dates and Info:

  • AUT Skype course planning September 19th at 1:30 pm with Pablo
  • Canterbury University Course Planning Friday 20th 8:35 am with Dan in the Library
  • Victoria University course planning Friday 20th 1:20 pm with Poppy in Room 23
  • Massey University Course Planning at MAC Wednesday 25th 3 pm in the Library


We are contacted by employers at this time of the year who are seeking long-term employees in Wanaka for 2020. Please make sure Charlotte is aware that you are actively seeking employment and check out the MAC Careers website for advertised jobs at


You are advised to send us your CV before leaving school so we can offer feedback. If you would like to meet with us to get some help with that then please just ask.

Plan A and Plan B

Most students have a Plan A for next year, which is great. We always recommend having a Plan B as well, so keep this in mind. If you are struggling, remember you are our priority and we are here to help.

Stay close to Charlotte’s careers website to keep yourself up to date with scholarship opportunities, CV guides, summer jobs and tertiary application information. Better still, click on the “follow” tab at the bottom right and get everything new emailed directly to your inbox

Home Study – Commences 19 September 2019



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