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This Week – 13 February 2019

This Week – 13 February 2019

Home Study

“Home Study” is offered to students in Year 13 as an acknowledgement of the attainment of high standards in your basic participation in school. Embedded at the bottom of this post on our website is the list of the students who are eligible for Home Study for the next two weeks. You appear on this list if you:

  • Have zero unjustified absences for the last fortnight (up until the end of Friday 8 February)
  • Have a fortnightly grade for your engagement and attitude of three or better for the same period

Students on this list may leave the school site during any study periods, provided you sign out via the student desk.

Having a “home study” does not exempt you from any of your other commitments in the school, particularly your commitment to Whanau.

This list will be re-set every fortnight.

If you are a hostel student, your ‘home study’ eligibility will be accumulated for the duration of Term One and will be one of the factors governing decisions about exeat and home study in the terms to come.

Here are just some of the amazing up and coming events and opportunities;


  • Coaching clinic; Friday 5th April. Sign up at the Sports Hub
  • Youth EnviroLeaders’ Forum (YELF). YELF brings together 55 secondary school students who are passionate about the environment for a week-long leadership development adventure! YELF 2019 is from 12-18 April 2019 and will be in Waikato and Rotorua. Applications close midnight 22 February 2019. For more information, to watch our apply now video, and to send your application, go to:
  • The Pacific Project is an annual trip for high school students that educates participants on New Zealand’s relationship with the Pacific. It combines a week at the prestigious UN Youth Australia National Conference with an educational study tour to Vanuatu. You can find out more  and apply at
  • Polytechnic and University visits; the first of these presentations will be Otago Polytechnic on Thursday the 28th February at Lunchtime in Room 23. Check out the EVENTS calendar on the Year 13 website for future university visits.
  • Careers Info session at lunchtime next Tuesday February 19th: Electrical Training

Keep up the positive momentum in Whanau this week, it is definitely appreciated.

Best of luck to those competing and volunteering tomorrow in the Challenge.


We’re Underway!

We’re Underway!

Greetings to all Year 13 students, families and teachers.

The first week of the academic year is now well underway, and we could not be more pleased with how everyone in Year 13 has started.

On Monday the Year 13 crew were asked to attend school with the primary motive to provide all the students who are new to school with a friendly face and a supportive hand if they needed it. This injunction was responded to with alacrity by many in Year 13. We received some extraordinarily positive feedback from many Whanau teachers about the effort and impact the Year 13s had on the new students.

As we said on the day, it’s easy to under-estimate the impact of those positive first experiences, and we wish to acknowledge with gratitude the excellent job you all did.

Course Selection

For some the process of course selection has been a challenging one. We have not yet finalised the timetable and course placements for all 151 of you yet, but are well on the way. Remember if you are in a position where you’re asking for special dispensation to register for a course for which you may not have all the pre-requisites, it is absolutely in your best interests to take the initiative to speak to the Head of Department or Learning Area concerned and put your case face to face.

Students in the Community Opportunities

To chase up on some of the opportunities that Liz was speaking about in today’s Year Level meeting, hop over to her SIC site:

Study Periods

The study period timetable has now been finalised, so those of you who have a study will see the location and the supervisor in your online timetable. Please remember that for the first two weeks of the term you are expected to attend all periods of school without exception.

The Amazing Race

You certainly got off to an excellent start with your passionate participation in The Amazing Race on Tuesday. You may have lost a little bit of dignity and even not a little body hair by the end of it – but we’re certain that what you gained in getting to know each other was full compensation.

Thanks again to the Year 12 members of the Service Committee for planning and running such an excellent event.

Home Study

After this initial phase, we will begin to introduce the option of taking your study period off-site. This opportunity will only apply to students who meet the following criteria:

  • Zero unjustified absences in the prior fortnight
  • A “Fortnightly Grade” score of 3 or better
  • No “lates” on your record for the prior fortnight
  • No recorded discipline issues in the prior fortnight

We will publish a list with this newsletter of all students who meet this criteria every fortnight, and these students will be allowed to sign out of school for the duration of their study period. Study classes will continue to be supervised and available to all students who wish to use this service.

Please note that the Ministry of Education stipulates some very strict criteria for what justifies an absence. Largely these are limited to medical absences with official medical notes, school-based activities, off-site school activities and bereavement. If you are absent for any other reason, we continue to expect your guardian to contact the school, preferably in advance to explain this absence.

House Day

Remember, House Day is a wonderful opportunity for you to develop that esprit de corps that is such a brilliant characteristic of our school and Whanau system. Please let us know if you need help or advice while preparing for your time leading the group. Both you and they will have a wonderful time.

NCEA Handbook.

Attached to this post is a copy of the school’s assessment handbook, which outlines all the practices, rules and regulations that surround the assessment of NCEA in the school. Today you were handed a contract to sign with a number of sections. One of these stipulates that you’ve read and agree to the attached document, so do take the time to read it. It could be a life-saver later in the year.


Until next week!

Chris and Charlotte.

Welcome to Year 13

Welcome to Year 13

Dear Year 13 students, their families and everyone interested in the Year 13 crew for 2019.

We write to welcome you to a new year (and, for some, a new school) – and what an awesome year it’s going to be. The beginning of the year can often be a messy time, so in this, the first of our weekly notices, we aim to de-mystify things a little by giving you an outline of what is planned for Week 1, and your role within.

But: first things first. Who are we, your Year 13 team? Charlotte Lucas, who is one half of the Year 13 Deans, is also the school’s careers maven and Star co-ordinator – and she’s located in a rather salubrious Careers Office near the canteen. The other half, Chris Waugh, also teaches English and can be found around Room 23 when he’s not hanging with Charlotte. Liz Breslin is the co-ordinator of Students in the Community and her office is located near the Food Technology department, just past the cleaners’ cupboard. You’ll see the three of us when you arrive on Monday, and we’ve got some special guests to introduce to you on the day.

Year 13 is a special time in your school career, and in recognition of this, you’ll find the way we strive to work with you may feel different. All three of us have a firm philosophy that places you in the centre. In essence, your transition to the adult world begins with us, and while this is still a school institution with all the inherent bureaucracy that comes with that, we will endeavour to help you find your own path. We’ll be explaining more about what this will look like in practice when we meet you on Monday.

What to expect from Week 1

As Year 13 students, whether you’re already established in a student committee or whether you’re brand new to the school, many will be looking to you to take the lead in a wide variety of places. Here’s an advance insight into the key events next week and an indication of how you may fully engage in the support of these:

Monday 28 January

8:35amWelcome, essential information and an introduction to Students in the CommunityECR
10:45amWhanau: This 15 minute session is for you and the new students to the school – who will primarily be Year 7 students. Your role is to be the first friendly face for these youngers.Various
11-11:30First Break (Year 13 students without other commitments are free to leave at this point)
11:30New Year 13 students and students newly enrolled in distance learning in 2019.ECR
12:00Chris and Charlotte are available to work through course corrections.Room 23
1:30Photographs for all Year 13 students who are new to MACTBA
2:15Leadership Committees with Year 7s.Gym

Tuesday 30th

Full day for all students

8.35-9.15am: Year level in the East Common Room (ECR)

9.15-9.45am: Assembly outside at Te Atea: Karanga, Haka and Waiata to welcome new students/staff. (New staff and students should assemble on the hard courts, others on grass. If it’s wet, the powhiri will be held in the gym).

9.45-10.15am – Whanau meetings: House Day and Swim sports organisation.

10.15-10.30am – House meetings. Barker (Gym), Iron (Quad/Nth Block), Pisa (Performance Room), Roy (Science Room 39) Focus of these meetings is House Day organisation and Swim Sports organisation.

10:30-3:15pm – Normal Timetable

3.45 – 7.00pm Year 13 Amazing Race (The Service Committee have sent a separate email about this)

Wednesday 30 January

8.35am Normal school day

Thursday 31 January

8.35am Normal school day

Friday 1 February

House Day

All houses will make their way to the venues listed below at 8.45 am to participate in house day activities and then return to school for inter-house tug of war competition at 1:00pm.

  • Pisa meeting at Pembroke Park
  • Roy meeting at Wagon Wheel Park
  • Barker meeting at West end of Eely Point
  • Iron meeting at East end Eely Point

You can contact us via our Year 13 website or by sending an email to [email protected]


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